Business Insurance Call of the Week

My name is Bert Mancino, I have over 30 yrs experience as an Agency owner as well as a full time on the road commercial insurance, yes I’ll say it, “SALESPERSON”.

Since I am new to blogging I promise I will blog just like I sell,   with no BS and get right to the point!

My goal here is to provide you with information you can use to help in making your business insurance choices.

Since my thoughts are vast and my keyboarding skills are slow, I will try to get something out a few times per week.  I really hope you will like what is here,  and PLEASE feel free to use the information as well as pass it along to your friends.

My goal here is to share with you at least one story of a call I have been out on in a recent week. We can call them the, ” call of the week”.

My, “call of the week” last week took me to Binghamton, NY.

I ALWAYS begin with by doing a thorough interview with the principal. In this interview I learned that their current business insurance was purchased over the phone  and sold by an agent they never met, approximately 7 years ago.

Since no reviews were ever done and the business grew, you could only imagine the state of the insurance? Your right it was pretty bad!

My interviews on smaller businesses, done in person, only last a few minutes, but are vital in assisting me to build plans that are thorough. My theory, bad interview usually means bad coverage! and this was no different.

A week later I drove back to Binghamton, 3 hours from our office. I put together a very thorough and comprehensive coverage comparison. I went through it and stayed to answer any questions and or concerns.

A few days later one of the principals  called our office and thanked me for ALL of the recommendations and wanted to let me know how grateful they were for all we had done, but that they called there present agent and read my recommendations to them, and they were now all set!

My point is this! You can buy business insurance any where at any time. But, the moral of my sales story is this, Really good insurance professionals are very hard to find today. Pleased don’t be fooled in to a false sense of business security. Take the time to review your coverage!  and lets not forget to reward the ones who have earned your business!

Though most businesses are guided by the same principals of fair play in which we all share, I urge you in business to reward the ones who earn your trust, and to replace the ones that simply take your money!





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