I just wanted to once again share with you something that took place on a sales call earlier today.

while I was out on a policy delivery I was told a story that once again left my jaw to drop. Here’s kind of how it went:

While doing my delivery I was told that my business owner had called for a quote on his/ her homeowners insurance about 3 weeks ago. I was told that our service/ salesperson was phenomenal. That we had recommended more coverage on the house, as well as increasing their personal liability coverage. Please believe me as he couldn’t say enough about the presentation or the advise of the agent.

Almost all in the same sentence he/she said they were so grateful for the advice because they immediately called there current agent and had the changes made. The funny part is, is that when people do this they really want you to know as to not worry YOU with THEIR insurance deficiencies.

Long story short!

If this is you,  I promise you this. You will receive the same lazy service at point of loss that you have received prior to your loss. Good insurance agents are good ALL the way around. We actually care! But, if you have a bad agent only YOU can fire them. Please don’t forget the years of training and hard work that good insurance professionals have implemented in giving you there attentions. I know price matters, but I have seen this stuff done too many times.

Agents, sell value. As Agents we want you making the best insurance decisions on your insurance. But please don’t forget to reward the ones who are earning it!

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