Just How Boring Is Life Insurance?

If you are like many you probably cringe when you here the words LIFE INSURANCE! All parts of it probably sound bad. Whether it’s the payments, or the thoughts of dying, let’s just be real, none of it sounds appealing!

Maybe I can add some light! My mother and father never owned a home of there own.
When my father was about the age I am now, 50, I thought it might be a good idea for my mother to take out a policy on him! The premiums were around $60/ mo. and the policy had a $150,000 death benefit and built up a savings of cash money also.

At my fathers age 60 he was diagnosed with cancer and passed away. 60 days later I brought my mother a check for almost $150,000 of non-taxable money. That year she bought her first house in Utica and was able to pay cash!

Having been born and raised in Utica it was here dream to buy a house in South Utica. I can’t even begin to express just how happy this would have made my dad!

Please don’t put it off. Like the old saying goes, ” there’s only two things in life that are guaranteed, and that’s death and taxes”.

Mancino and associates located on the border of Utica and Marcy can help!

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