I’m wondering if any of you have been put in a situation like this before?

Here’s the scenario. I have a larger commercial account in a city located about 2 hours from our office in Utica, NY. About 6 months ago he started applying pressure to us to find him better rates. Well, after 30 years of insuring businesses I am used to this, and begin a very elevated re-marketing, as well as a considerable P.R. campaign with our insured.

Every time I thought I had something better for him, I would soon find out there was roadblock on the insurance company end. I would meet with the insured, at his office, 2 hours from Utica, NY our office.

Now the story gets good!

Ok, the insured started with a good natured query in to obtaining better rates. Now, he transitions more and more into insurance extortion. Ok, I have dealt with this too!

After weeks of work on this account, and countless numbers of hours by me and our staff. I make the FINAL appointment to see him. Needless to say, the insured was Highly agitated and did not like my message.
My message was simple. After exhaustive efforts it is our recommendation that he renew the policy he has with us, as I would like him to be assured that we have provided responsible coverage at a very responsible price!

The next words from him were simple,” please cancel all my policies immediately”.

Here’s the moral of this story. Please know the difference between applying responsible business techniques in obtaining the best rates available, versus forgetting why you are ultimately buying insurance. Point is this. There will ALWAYS be some agent offering a bigger better deal.

This is my last thought. In the event you pressure the wrong agent to over squeeze on price. YOU are inviting these agents to misrepresent, lie, or place you with a bad insurance company order to either keep your business, or to write your insurance!

Be responsible when buying Insurance. As I have discussed in prior blogs, there are no shortages to the slight of hand tricks used in selling insurance!

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