I’m wondering if any of you have been put in a situation like this before?

Here’s the scenario. I have a larger commercial account in a city located about 2 hours from our office in Utica, NY. About 6 months ago he started applying pressure to us to find him better rates. Well, after 30 years of insuring businesses I am used to this, and begin a very elevated re-marketing, as well as a considerable P.R. campaign with our insured.

Every time I thought I had something better for him, I would soon find out there was roadblock on the insurance company end. I would meet with the insured, at his office, 2 hours from Utica, NY our office.

Now the story gets good!

Ok, the insured started with a good natured query in to obtaining better rates. Now, he transitions more and more into insurance extortion. Ok, I have dealt with this too!

After weeks of work on this account, and countless numbers of hours by me and our staff. I make the FINAL appointment to see him. Needless to say, the insured was Highly agitated and did not like my message.
My message was simple. After exhaustive efforts it is our recommendation that he renew the policy he has with us, as I would like him to be assured that we have provided responsible coverage at a very responsible price!

The next words from him were simple,” please cancel all my policies immediately”.

Here’s the moral of this story. Please know the difference between applying responsible business techniques in obtaining the best rates available, versus forgetting why you are ultimately buying insurance. Point is this. There will ALWAYS be some agent offering a bigger better deal.

This is my last thought. In the event you pressure the wrong agent to over squeeze on price. YOU are inviting these agents to misrepresent, lie, or place you with a bad insurance company order to either keep your business, or to write your insurance!

Be responsible when buying Insurance. As I have discussed in prior blogs, there are no shortages to the slight of hand tricks used in selling insurance!

Just When You Think You Know You Realize You Don’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blogging. Twitter, Facebook, Google, Linked in…..

It would seem as though my ability to keep up is now gone! I started in Utica, NY selling insurance over 30 years ago and none of these things were even invented yet!

My survival in business depended mainly on my knowledge of insurance, and my ability to market our business. It is all different today. Insurance requires all of the knowledge of our predecessors, along with the computer savvy of Steve Jobs!

What if you are one of these and not the other? Answer is, you might be, but, you won’t be for long. Todays insurance world, especially in Utica, requires both sets of skills or you just will not make it in insurance today!

Just How Boring Is Life Insurance?

If you are like many you probably cringe when you here the words LIFE INSURANCE! All parts of it probably sound bad. Whether it’s the payments, or the thoughts of dying, let’s just be real, none of it sounds appealing!

Maybe I can add some light! My mother and father never owned a home of there own.
When my father was about the age I am now, 50, I thought it might be a good idea for my mother to take out a policy on him! The premiums were around $60/ mo. and the policy had a $150,000 death benefit and built up a savings of cash money also.

At my fathers age 60 he was diagnosed with cancer and passed away. 60 days later I brought my mother a check for almost $150,000 of non-taxable money. That year she bought her first house in Utica and was able to pay cash!

Having been born and raised in Utica it was here dream to buy a house in South Utica. I can’t even begin to express just how happy this would have made my dad!

Please don’t put it off. Like the old saying goes, ” there’s only two things in life that are guaranteed, and that’s death and taxes”.

Mancino and associates located on the border of Utica and Marcy can help!

Choose An Insurance Agent The Same Way You Would Choose a Doctor!

I can only imagine how it must feel to be a business owner who has spent decades or perhaps generations building up a business, trying to choose who and how to best insure your business.

In many agencies it is altogether too common to put the new people, in many cases it’s kids just starting there insurance careers, in to sales.

You business owners, please e aware. It takes years of knowledge to even begin, to be worthy of such a privilege.

The analogy that I give you is this. Why would you let a poorly trained medic perform surgery on you, or any of your loved ones? The answer is, you wouldn’t!

I always explain to people looking to purchase insurance,” the best way to not have an insurance problem is simple, start by choosing a well trained caring Agent”.

Don’t be afraid to ask for references either. Let’s face it most agents have a very similar look. Yet, trust me, we are not all the same. Also, please don’t be fooled by the name of the insurance company that agent may represent, as really companies don’t insure us, people do! If you don’t believe me ask yourself this, haven’t we all had a bad meal once or twice from restaurants with very recognizable names? And for some of these restaurants to food is always lousy!

In blogs to follow I will continue to try and educate on some of the traits you will want to look for in making your insurance decisions. As well as some you will definitely want to stay away from.

Tips on What to Look For In Finding A Great Property And Casualty Insurance Agent

My goal in writing these Blogs is to give both Principals of business as well as Insurance professionals help it a better world for both to operate in.

If you’re a business owner looking for some tips on what to look for when purchasing property casualty insurance here are a few tips for you.

Here’s some tip’s. Look for a great agent. Great Agents are like great police detectives, we ask a lot of questions. In order for us to know what loss exposures you have we need to know exactly what your operations are.

I can’t tell you how many times at the end of an interview I have had someone say to me, ” oh, and we also do some bla bla bla etc.”.

This bla bla bla may be harmless and it might be a huge risk exposure. Agents as well as companies can’t and won’t cover it if we don’t know about it.

So, to make a long story short. Good agents should ask a lot of questions. We need to be great listeners, and please look for one who has a lot of experience in insuring the type of business you are in. Many of us specialize in certain types of business and not others. Don’t be on the learning curve of a rookie.

There is so much more that I will be writing on. I hope the words are helpful. Please leave me feedback. If you would like to visit us I am at, and my name is Bert Mancino.

Thank you for spending your time with me.


I just wanted to once again share with you something that took place on a sales call earlier today.

while I was out on a policy delivery I was told a story that once again left my jaw to drop. Here’s kind of how it went:

While doing my delivery I was told that my business owner had called for a quote on his/ her homeowners insurance about 3 weeks ago. I was told that our service/ salesperson was phenomenal. That we had recommended more coverage on the house, as well as increasing their personal liability coverage. Please believe me as he couldn’t say enough about the presentation or the advise of the agent.

Almost all in the same sentence he/she said they were so grateful for the advice because they immediately called there current agent and had the changes made. The funny part is, is that when people do this they really want you to know as to not worry YOU with THEIR insurance deficiencies.

Long story short!

If this is you,  I promise you this. You will receive the same lazy service at point of loss that you have received prior to your loss. Good insurance agents are good ALL the way around. We actually care! But, if you have a bad agent only YOU can fire them. Please don’t forget the years of training and hard work that good insurance professionals have implemented in giving you there attentions. I know price matters, but I have seen this stuff done too many times.

Agents, sell value. As Agents we want you making the best insurance decisions on your insurance. But please don’t forget to reward the ones who are earning it!

Business Insurance Call of the Week

My name is Bert Mancino, I have over 30 yrs experience as an Agency owner as well as a full time on the road commercial insurance, yes I’ll say it, “SALESPERSON”.

Since I am new to blogging I promise I will blog just like I sell,   with no BS and get right to the point!

My goal here is to provide you with information you can use to help in making your business insurance choices.

Since my thoughts are vast and my keyboarding skills are slow, I will try to get something out a few times per week.  I really hope you will like what is here,  and PLEASE feel free to use the information as well as pass it along to your friends.

My goal here is to share with you at least one story of a call I have been out on in a recent week. We can call them the, ” call of the week”.

My, “call of the week” last week took me to Binghamton, NY.

I ALWAYS begin with by doing a thorough interview with the principal. In this interview I learned that their current business insurance was purchased over the phone  and sold by an agent they never met, approximately 7 years ago.

Since no reviews were ever done and the business grew, you could only imagine the state of the insurance? Your right it was pretty bad!

My interviews on smaller businesses, done in person, only last a few minutes, but are vital in assisting me to build plans that are thorough. My theory, bad interview usually means bad coverage! and this was no different.

A week later I drove back to Binghamton, 3 hours from our office. I put together a very thorough and comprehensive coverage comparison. I went through it and stayed to answer any questions and or concerns.

A few days later one of the principals  called our office and thanked me for ALL of the recommendations and wanted to let me know how grateful they were for all we had done, but that they called there present agent and read my recommendations to them, and they were now all set!

My point is this! You can buy business insurance any where at any time. But, the moral of my sales story is this, Really good insurance professionals are very hard to find today. Pleased don’t be fooled in to a false sense of business security. Take the time to review your coverage!  and lets not forget to reward the ones who have earned your business!

Though most businesses are guided by the same principals of fair play in which we all share, I urge you in business to reward the ones who earn your trust, and to replace the ones that simply take your money!